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Expecting Mountains: Overcoming the Overwhelming Lows in Life

Book Genre: Nonfiction (Motivational)

The year 2020 is no doubt a historical year that will always be remembered due to the pandemic and the damage it did to the world, especially in terms of the huge number of lives that were lost and economies that have been destroyed—no thanks to COVID-19. Today, many people have been emotionally and financially depressed due to the negative impact of the pandemic. Fortunately for us, a new book that uncovers ways to overcome serious challenges in life, is making a debut at a time it’s critically needed.

Shaunwell Posley’s Expecting Mountains is not like those run-of-the-mill motivational books we have become quite familiar with; rather this is a masterpiece that is certainly going to change perspectives in a radical way. This is a book that did not just uphold the age-long axiom that ‘life is not a bed of roses’ but also proffered practical ways through which people could easily waltz through such tough times and emerge unscathed.

The author obviously did not envisage that there was going to be a global crisis when he was writing this book, however, the arrival of Expecting Mountains is so fortuitous that it occurred at a time the world is experiencing an overwhelming low, thus providing a crucial panacea for many who are emotionally down. Be that as it may, the book would still be relevant at any other time since it provides applicable solutions to most of the issues that crop up during one’s life circle. These include financial challenges, relationship problems, addiction and generally on how to be proactive and live a happy life.

I tried to get the cons about this book but I couldn’t come up with any whatsoever, instead the only regret anyone could possibly have about Expecting Mountains is on not reading it earlier than when they eventually did.

Creative Writer, Editor - Olivia Gates

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